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Natural Thorn Killer by Kate Dyer-Seeley - Book Blast & Giveaway (US only)


About the Book

Cozy Mystery New Series 
Kensington (March 27, 2018) 
Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages 
ISBN-13: 978-1496705136 Digital ASIN: B073NPHX8Z
Cut down among the flowers . . .
Britta Johnston might be a late bloomer, but after leaving her deadbeat husband and dead-end job, she’s finally pursuing her artistic passion at her aunt Elin’s floral boutique, Blooma, in Portland, Oregon. It’s on the banks of the Willamette, in a quaint district of cobblestone paths and cherry trees. The wine bar featuring Pacific Northwest vintages is a tasty bonus, offering another kind of bouquet to enjoy. But things aren’t as peaceful as they look.
For one thing, someone’s been leaving dead roses around—and a sleazy real estate developer who wants the waterfront property has put a big-money offer on the table. Then, after a contentious meeting of local business owners, he’s found on the floor of the shop, with Elin’s garden shears planted in his chest. And before the police decide to pin the crime on her beloved aunt, Britta will have to find out who arranged this murder . . .

About the Author

Kate Dyer-Seeley aka Ellie Alexander writes multiple mystery series, all with a Pacific Northwest touch. She lives in the PNW with her husband and son, where you can find her hitting the trail, at an artisan coffee shop, or at her favorite pub. Better yet—at all three.
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Friday, 19 January 2018


Today is my turn on the What She Left blog tour and I'm thrilled to be bringing you an extract of this exciting novel

Genre:  Commercial Literary Fiction
Publication Date:  17 August 2017
Standalone Novel

Helen Cooper has a charmed life. She's beautiful, accomplished, organised - the star parent at the school. Until she disappears.
But Helen wasn't abducted or murdered. She's chosen to walk away, abandoning her family, husband Sam, and her home.
Where has Helen gone, and why? What has driven her from her seemingly perfect life? What is she looking for? Sam is tormented by these questions, and gradually begins to lose his grip on work and his family life.
He sees Helen everywhere in the faces of strangers. He's losing control.

But then one day, it really is Helen's face he sees...


Sam Cooper’s wife, Helen, has gone missing. He calls the police, and they ask him to check Helen’s personal effects. For the first time, Sam realises he might be a suspect in Helen’s disappearance.

I went to search through Helen’s desk in the conservatory. The filing drawers containing all our bills, correspondence and important documents were locked, but I had a key. I opened the top drawer and went carefully through each section. There were the girls’ birth certificates, our driver’s licences, our marriage certificate, and our four passports, rubber-banded together. Helen bought matching leather passport holders in different colours to make it quick and easy to identify whose are whose when we travel. Mine’s cobalt blue, hers is green, and the girls’ are pink and purple. Everything was where I expected it to be.
The male PC came looking for me, and I showed him what I’d found. He nodded. ‘Clever idea with the passport holders, that. My wife spends ages sorting through them for the kids every time we travel.’
He didn’t look old enough for a wife and kids, but it wasn’t the time for small talk.
‘So nothing appears to be missing?’
‘Not as far as I can tell,’ I said, and I opened the lower drawer. Here Helen had all our bills and correspondence neatly filed, each section labelled – bank, insurance, mortgage, utilities.
‘Very organized, your wife,’ he said.
‘She certainly doesn’t look like the kind of person who’d just go walkabout, does she?’ he said conversationally. There was an awkward moment of silence.
I looked over his shoulder into the kitchen and suddenly remembered my manners. ‘Can I offer you a cup of tea? Coffee? Some water, maybe?’
‘I’m fine, thanks,’ he said. ‘Now tell me, Mr Cooper, where were you today? Out of town, I think you said?’
‘Manchester, for a meeting. As soon as I arrived there, I got the call from the school to say Helen hadn’t turned up, so I got straight on a train to come back.’
‘Were you travelling alone? With a colleague?’
‘Did you talk to anybody? Anyone who could confirm that they saw you in Manchester at that time?’
It took me a moment to work out what he was asking. He wanted to know if I had an alibi.
‘I bought a ticket from the ticket office. You can talk to the woman who works there. She might remember me because she sold me a first-class ticket for a train that was just leaving. And I’m sure I’m all over CCTV.’
‘What time did you leave for Manchester?’
‘Around twelve. I was at my office in Soho before that.’
‘Can we check that with your colleagues?’
‘Of course.’ I kept my voice calm, but I thought back through the day, hoping that someone in the office would remember seeing me and saying goodbye to me and could attach times to their recollections. I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation. That morning I had kissed my wife goodbye. Now I was trying to find ways to prove I hadn’t murdered her. Wait, had I kissed her goodbye? I’d left in a rush. Had she been in the shower? Had I just yelled goodbye as I rushed out of the door? It was entirely possible. If that was the case, had I missed my last chance to kiss her, hold her?
I shook my head. She was missing, that was all. There was no proof something bad had happened to her. I had read somewhere that 90 per cent of missing people returned home within twenty-four hours. I had to believe she was coming back.


Rosie Fiore was born and grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. She studied drama at the University of the Witwatersrand and has worked as a writer for theatre, television, magazines, advertising, comedy and the corporate market. 

Her first two novels, This Year's Black and Lame Angel were published by Struik in South Africa. This Year's Black was longlisted for the South African Sunday Times Literary Award and has subsequently been re-released as an e-book. Babies in Waiting, Wonder Women and Holly at Christmas were published by Quercus. She is the author of After Isabella, also published by Allen & Unwin.
Rosie’s next book, The After Wife (written as Cass Hunter), will be published by Trapeze in 2018, and in translation is seven countries around the world.

Rosie lives in London with her husband and two sons.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

THE GIRL IN THE GALLERY BY ALICE CASTLE - Blog Tour, Book Review & Giveaway

It's my turn on the blog tour for The Girl in the Gallery and I'm delighted to be sharing my review with you all

Genre:  Cozy Crime
Series:  London Murder Mystery Series No. 2
Publication Date:  19 December 2017
Publisher:  Crooked Cat Books

Amazon UK:  www.amazon.co.uk
Amazon US:  www.amazon.com
Book Depository:  www.bookdepository.com

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Dulwich…
It’s a perfect summer’s morning in the plush south London
suburb, and thirty-something Beth Haldane has sneaked off
to visit one of her favourite places, the world-famous Picture
She’s enjoying a few moments’ respite from juggling her job
at prestigious private school Wyatt’s and her role as single
mum to little boy Ben, when she stumbles across a shocking
new exhibit on display. Before she knows it, she’s in the thick
of a fresh, and deeply chilling, investigation.

Who is The Girl in the Gallery? Join Beth in adventure #2
of the London Murder Mystery series as she tries to discover
the truth about a secret eating away at the very heart of

When single mum Beth discovers a girl lying unconscious in a mausoleum within her favourite art gallery she is horrified, but she also makes it her business to discover who she is and why she had been placed there......with the help of D.I. Harry York who she just happens to have helped solve a crime with in the first of the London Murder Mystery series.

I enjoyed Beth's and Harry's exchanges, they both get exasperated with each other but they also work well together, add to that an underlying attraction which gives the story a nice will-they-won't-they feel.

There is a lot of detail about the art paintings, the Dulwich area and the kind of parents who live there, and the history of the college, which was a little overwhelming at times.  But, once I'd got used to the writing style, I really enjoyed the mystery.  I liked Beth, she was a good mum, she was very compassionate and she relished a challenge!

The plotline had a few surprises, the characters were well-developed and I was left feeling satisfied that the mystery was neatly solved.  


Alice Castle was a UK newspaper journalist for The Daily
Express, The Times and The Daily Telegraph before
becoming a novelist. Her first book, Hot Chocolate, was a
European best-seller which sold out in two weeks.
Alice is currently working on the sequel to Death in Dulwich
and The Girl in the Gallery. The third instalment in the
London Murder Mystery series, it will be published by
Crooked Cat next year and is entitled The Calamity in
Catford. Once again, it features Beth Haldane and DI Harry
Alice is also a top mummy blogger, writing DD’s Diary at
She lives in south London and is married with two children,
two step-children and two cats.
Alice Castle’s Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/alicecastleauthor/
Alice Castle is on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DDsDiary
Links to buy Alice Castle’s books: myBook.to/GirlintheGallery  
myBook.to/1DeathinDulwich, myBook.to/HotChocolate


A signed copy of the book and a £20 Amazon voucher!!!

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018


I am thrilled to be bringing you the Cover Reveal for The Best Boomerville Hotel today

Isn't this such a fun Cover!

Genre:  Contemporary/Romantic Comedy
Publication Date:  13 March 2018
Format:  eBook
Page Count:  320 est

Amazon UK:  www.amazon.co.uk
Amazon US:  www.amazon.com

Let the shenanigans begin at the Boomerville hotel …

Jo Docherty and Hattie Contaldo have a vision – a holiday retreat in the heart of the Lake District exclusively for guests of ‘a certain age’ wishing to stimulate both mind and body with new creative experiences. One hotel refurbishment later and the Best Boomerville Hotel is open for business!
Perhaps not surprisingly Boomerville attracts more than it’s fair share of eccentric clientele: there’s fun loving Sir Henry Mulberry and his brother Hugo; Lucinda Brown, an impoverished artist with more ego than talent; Andy Mack, a charming Porsche-driving James Bond lookalike, as well as Kate Simmons, a woman who made her fortune from an internet dating agency but still hasn’t found ‘the One’ herself.

With such an array of colourful individuals there’s bound to be laughs aplenty, but could there be tears and heartbreak too and will the residents get more than they bargained for at Boomerville?


Caroline James has owned and run businesses encompassing all aspects of the hospitality industry, a subject that features in her novels. She is based in the UK but has a great fondness for travel and escapes whenever she can. A public speaker, consultant and food writer, Caroline is a member of the Romantic Novelist’s Association and writes articles and short stories and contributes to many publications.

Her debut novel, Coffee, Tea, The Gypsy & Me is set in North West England, at the time of a famous gypsy horse fair.  The book went straight to number three on Amazon and was E-book of the Week in The Sun. So, You Think You're A Celebrity...Chef? was runner up the Winchester Writers festival for best TV Drama and takes a light-hearted look at the world of celebrity chefs as they battle it out for fame and fortune: Coffee, Tea, The Caribbean & Me was runner up at The Write Stuff, LBF, 2015 and is an Amazon best-seller and top recommended read by Thomson Holidays.  Jungle Rock, a romcom novella set in Australia, revolves around a TV game show. The Best Boomerville Hotel, will be published Spring 2018 by multi award-winning Independent British Publisher, ChocLit Publishing under their exciting new imprint, Ruby Fiction.

In her spare time, Caroline can be found trekking up a mountain or relaxing with her head in a book and hand in a box of chocolates.


Twitter: @CarolineJames12

Friday, 12 January 2018


Here it is - The Magic of Stars cover reveal.  I think it's gorgeous.

Sapphire Montrose always felt like a loser in the struggle of life, but when she becomes the airline manager of a run-down airline she starts to believe she is a winner – until she unwittingly propositions her new boss and all her hard work is undone.

In a moment of recklessness air stewardess, Sapphire Montrose throws caution and her dress to the wind by propositioning a handsome stranger in a hotel in Florence, only to find herself waking up alone and embarrassed in her hotel room.

Unfortunately for Sapphire, it turns out that her new boss, Marco Cavarelli, is the man she failed to seduce and she is now fighting for her job and her self-respect when he tells her there is no place in his revamped airline for an alcoholic woman with lascivious tendencies. To make matters worse she is increasingly attracted to him and he seems to be giving out the same vibes. Or is he simply testing her? One wrong move could be the end of her career. But what if he really is offering love – and is he worth the risk?

Jackie Ladbury was desperate to become a journalist when
she left school but was ousted within minutes on the day of
the exam at her local rag because she'd forgotten to bring a
Short and sharp lesson learned.
Her budding writing career was not on hold for long, though,
as Jackie found herself scribbling love stories of pilots and
'hosties' while she flew in aeroplanes of various shapes
and sizes as a flight attendant herself.
Fast forward a good few years and, after being short-listed in
a couple of prestigious romantic writing competitions, Jackie
decided it was time to discard her stilettos, say goodbye to
the skies and concentrate on writing romantic novels, where
the only given is a guaranteed 'happy ever after.'
Social Media Links –
The Write Romantics -  https://thewriteromantics.com/

Thursday, 11 January 2018


Today it's my turn on the blog tour for Air Guitar and Caviar and I'm delighted to be sharing my review with you

Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  2 February 2017
Publisher:  Fabrian Books
Standalone Novel
Estimated Page Count:  199

Amazon UK:  www.amazon.co.uk
Amazon US:  www.amazon.com

Busker Dylan spends his days pulling pints in the local pub
and singing on the high street, waiting for fame to call. That
suits him fine, until beautiful, but frosty, air stewardess,
Scarlett, tosses some coins into his hat but ignores his
killer smile and his offer of pizza.

He sets out to get the girl, but Scarlett isn’t in the right frame
of mind to date anyone, let alone a penniless, if charming,
busker boy.

Dylan's desperate for his big break, but will it bring him the

happiness he longs for? And with Scarlett's past threatening
to ruin her future, will Dylan be left to make sweet music all
on his own?
Purchase the Ebook - http://amzn.to/2jN2iWf
Purchase the Paperback - http://amzn.to/2h8UAoG

They say that the path of true love never did run smooth .... well in Air Guitar and Caviar the path of true love has more ups and downs than a speeding rollercoaster!

Boy meets girl, falls desperately in love with her, but girl is not interested .... what's a boy to do?

This is Dylan's dilemma.  He's a nice guy, a little naive but lovely with it, he writes songs, plays the guitar, and his one-liners had me giggling so many times.

Scarlett has a past, and she's not ready to share it will Dylan, on top of which she's trying to keep her job by keeping her boss sweet but he's a manipulative bully and it's not easy for her.

This is such an engaging read, with an eclectic cast of characters, including some very weird, some wonderful and some not so nice ones.  The writing is witty at times, poignant at others but it's never boring.

A really sweet story with a few surprises along the way.


Jackie Ladbury was desperate to become a journalist when
she left school but was ousted within minutes on the day of
the exam at her local rag because she'd forgotten to bring a
Short and sharp lesson learned.
Her budding writing career was not on hold for long, though,
as Jackie found herself scribbling love stories of pilots and
'hosties' while she flew in aeroplanes of various shapes
and sizes as a flight attendant herself.
Fast forward a good few years and, after being short-listed in
a couple of prestigious romantic writing competitions, Jackie
decided it was time to discard her stilettos, say goodbye to
the skies and concentrate on writing romantic novels, where
the only given is a guaranteed 'happy ever after.'
Social Media Links –
The Write Romantics -  https://thewriteromantics.com/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/JackieLadbury

Jackie Ladbury has a new book published this month - The Magic of Stars - and, as an extra treat for you all, below is a teaser cover.  I shall be revealing the full cover reveal on Friday 12th January. Don't forget to check back then to read all about it!

Giveaway – Win 3 x Signed Copies of Air Guitar and
Caviar by Jackie Ladbury

Giveaway is open to UK residents only.

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